Clearguard Windshield Film - Protective Film
Clearguard Windshield Film - Back Screen
Clearguard Windshield Film - Applying Windshield Film

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Clearguard Windscreen Protection

Clearguard Windshield Film - Configuration
Clearguard Windshield Film - Protective Film

Physical Properties




Total thickness (㎛)

180 ± 10

Thickness gauge (1/1000㎜)

exclude Release & protection film

Adhesive strength (gf/inch)

400 ± 50

ASTM D3330

Scratch restoration

Immediately ~ in a few minutes

Copper brush (Room Temperature)

Restored faster at higher temperatures

Water Contact angle (°)

≥ 100

ASTM D5946

UV Resistance (%)

≥ 99


Stain, Acidic, Water, Solvent Resistance

No effected area

Korea Test Standard

Optical Properties




Haze (%)

< 1 

ASTM D1003

Transmission (%) 

> 90

ASTM D1003

Clearguard Windshield Film - Applying Windshield Film

Q & A

1. How is Clearguard Windscreen Protection installed and how durable is it?

This film is specially developed and manufactured for exterior use by applying SMP (Shape Memory elastic Polyurethane) technology and has excellent practicality and safety. Proper work is guaranteed only when installation is performed by an experienced installation expert using appropriate tools in a clean and clean space.

The film has a thickness of 7mil (175 microns) and has strong adhesion for excellent adhesion and resistance to stone chips. Durability is approximately 24 months if maintained in suitable condition and may be longer with good care.

2. Can I install Clearguard Windscreen Protection on an existing tinted windshield?

Clearguard Windscreen Protection can be used in overlapping installation with other window tinting films.

At this time, the window film is basically installed on the inside. However, the product must be selected and installed considering the visible light level of each window film installed inside the glass and WPF (Windshield Protection Film).

3. Are there any concerns about jamming due to Clearguard Windscreen Protection construction?

Clearguard Windscreen Protection has been developed with cutting-edge technology and has been proven through numerous tests to provide the best visibility.

This product improves safety because it is completely unaffected by jamming or radio wave interference such as GPS.

4. Is there anything I can do to increase the durability of Clearguard Windscreen Protection after installation?

Clearguard Windscreen Protection recommends regular application of a dedicated coating solution to maintain the film’s resistance to scratches, scuffs, and water repellency on the windshield. Additionally, it is recommended to perform regular maintenance in case of daily problems such as severe dust or bird droppings.

Clearguard Windshield Film - Back Screen

Precautions when Installing

How to install ClearGuard Advanced Windshield Film

How to install Clearguard Windscreen Protection